Dream Analysis/"What was the most frightening thing about the dream? 'The snake'. A long silence. 'Do you often dream about snakes?' 'Yes'. Another long silence..."/Page 29/ The interpretation of dreams (or psychoanalysis) is the study of mental causes of psychiatric disorder. It was originally discovered by Sigmund Freud, and is still in use today. Though Freud's theories may not be accepted by everyone, his influence in the field is undeniable. Psychiatrists often analyze a patient's dream by learning what the dream was about, what it involved, and what conflicts are going on in the person's conscious life. The psychiatrist then relates certain aspects of the dream and learns what it represents. This in the end creates somewhat of a bridge between the person subconscious and actual conscious./For more information, click here!! or go here (the site that we used)- Our Source
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