Sigmund Freud / He had some knowledge of Freud, though derived mainly from secondary or prejudiced sources, and disliked, or external image freud.jpgperhaps feared, what he thought he knew. / pg. 31 / the father of psychoanalysis; he was medically trained in his external image Marge.jpghometown of Vienna and specialized in the study of neurology; inspired Rivers, though Rivers disagreed with Freud's theories of sexuality / What is Psychoanalysis? Freud's Life/ Some of the patients at Craiglockhart are wary of psychoanalysis because they do not understand it. This is not uncommon even today. Psychoanalysis is an effort to explain and uncover the unlying reasons beneath illogical behaviors, like Burns's eating phobia and Anderson's blood phobia, through discussions with a trained analyst / Cartoons about psychoanalysis JCE