Hypnosis / We could try hypnosis now, if you liked. / pg. 100 / an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, external image hypnosis.jpgcharacterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion / First used by a healer from the 18th century, Franz Anton Mesmer, (also where the word "mesmerize" comes from). Sigmund Freud also used hypnosis and was very interested in the subject. The process: the person who's being hypnotized must be in a comfortable position, and counting and soothing words are used to make the person relax. This can take up to 10 - 15 minutes to achieve final hypnotic state, depending on the person. Three main steps: 1) The use of imagination is encouraged, this focuses attention and increases the mental state. 2) Ideas and suggestions are given to the patient--leading to the most important, step 3 (similar to Freud) 3) Finally, the hypnosis is used to probe the unconscious state, which can bring to light underlying reasons why the patient is having a problem. Ex. why Prior is having nightmares. / More information about hypnosis / CLW & CAM