Golgotha [gol-guh-thuh] (Calvary)
“Ruined buildings, shelled roads. ‘From sunlight to the sunless land.’ And for a second he was back there, Armageddon, Golgotha, and there were no words, desolation so complete no imagination would have invented it” (pg 44 [Graves talking to Rivers])
Golgotha is the biblical name for the small hill on which Jesus was crucified. It comes from the Aramaic word gulgulta (meaning place of skull) The New Testament suggests that it was outside of the Jerusalem walls. Graves describes his war memories as desolate wastelands and broken cities. Golgotha has been described as an evil and ‘disturbing’ place which is why Graves uses the term.Golgotha SiteG.C. & W.S.