Jewish Funeral
“…My brothers went to the funeral. I didn’t – apparently I was too upset. Probably just as well, because they came back terrified. It was a Jewish Funeral, you see, and they could not understand what was going on…” (pg. 35). A typical Jewish funeral would either be held in the Synagogue or in a normal funeral home today, but in the time of Sassoon, the entire funeral was probably held in a synagogue. During the funeral, close friends and family would go up and commemorate the deceased and prayers would be said at that time. They would also recite the Mourner’s Kaddish, which is just to mourn the dead. For the people that were of some relation to the deceased there were five stages of mourning, starting with the initial shock of when the death happened, and ending with the gradual return to normal after a year or so. Jewish Funerals